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DataMatrix Generator:

Create your DataMatrix (libdmtx encoder www.libdmtx.it) here.

CameraDMTX: Datamatrix decoder with autofocus

This application uses libdmtx library (www.libdmtx.org) to decode and snap pictures using CameraApp auto focus example. (Tested on N73, N95, N82.)

download here:

Version 0.2.0 (15/05/'08) sis_cameradmtx_0.2.0.zip
Version 0.1.0 (29/04/'08) sis_cameradmtx_0.1.0.zip

PyDecoder: Python Datamatrix decoder

Here the libdmtx (www.libdmtx.org) library has been compiled for the symbian s60 3rd edition platform as dll and loaded in the python s60 interpreter to build a simple datamatrix camera decoder.

Download here:

Version 0.3.5 (07/04/'08) sis_pydecoder_0.3.5.zip

Network assisted Datamatrix decoder

This reader calls a webservice to decode a datamatrix barcode. It's faster on decoding but it needs an always open HTTP connection with the service.

httppydecoder.zipdavide 2008/03/17 10:56

Barcode experiments

see attributions for the pics