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If you are searching the Internet-of-things platform Paraimpu please click here

A list of ongoing projects in the field of Internet of Things


SOCIOTAL (FP7 project) addresses a crucial next step in the transformation of an emerging business driven Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure into an all-inclusive one for the society by accelerating the creation of a socially aware citizen-centric Internet of Things. It will close the emerging gap between business centric IoT enterprise systems and citizen provided infrastructure



On top of the smart city platform SmartSantander, CityScripts (open call of FP7/FIRE project) was an experiment to provide a tool to build simple and social mashups using data coming from the city sensors.



Paraimpu was a set of studies and a web platform to experiment outside the lab a scalable and social architecture for the Internet of things. The experimentation is now closed, reports and papers are available online. Since 2013 Paraimpu spun-off a SME with the same name, you can access here

Hyperpipes: building the Web of Things

The preeminent interaction paradigm for the masses is the desktop but this metaphor is no longer adequate to support both the complexity of data and the mobility of users. Read More...


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