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Old Projects no longer maintained

Geotagged photos in iPad/iPhone with iGeoPix

iGeoPix is an iPhone/iPad interactive visual browser for geolocated photos. Unlike the current georeferenced pictures representations used by Panoramio, Google map, Yahoo! map, etc., with iGeoPix you will be able to see both near and far photos, thanks to a non-linear zooming user interface. The variable tile size, bigger in the center and smaller near the borders, will further contribute to give you the feeling of a more immersive visual browsing experience. read more ...

iGeoPix is on Italian and International Apple Store


In view of some experiments already conducted in California, Australia and Europe, we aim to develop an automated control of irrigation in a vineyard based on the use of wireless sensor networks (WSN). The use of WSN makes it possible to monitor effectively the main environmental variables that affect the biological cycle of life and affect the different agronomic interventions. More info at http://geoweb.crs4.it/enowireless/doku.php

Hyperpipes: building the Web of Things

The preeminent interaction paradigm for the masses is the desktop but this metaphor is no longer adequate to support both the complexity of data and the mobility of users. Read More...


Universal audio-guide based on Wikipedia and Android

Guide is a software for Android platfom that uses GPS, digital Compass, Text2Speech and Wikipedia to provide an ubiquitous tourist audio guide see video

Pangeo: viewer of geo-referenced images by Panoramio

Pangeo displays thousands of geo-referenced images found on Panoramio.com with alternative modes of interaction is especially suitable for large touch screens without having to use mouse and keyboard. Installation on a large touch screen is running in the laboratory see video on youtube

Try it. The implementation (alpha version) requires Java 6 installed on your PC.

Click here to start PANGEO with Java Web Start

Terra d'acqua

“Terra d'acqua” (Water Land) is a Giancarlo Cau movie that describe through images and music a wonderful hidden Sardinia. Not only sea but also cristalline springs and internal waters, holy water-well, forgotten funtains and suggestive thermal baths.

Movie passes from big screen to web thanks to the developing of a web-site that contains a complete collection of the ducumentary's sequences. (Read more)

see attributions for the pics